About Us


I’m so glad that you are here. I hope before you leave you learn something new and are ready to start the journey of loving your peach. My name is Chardell and l am the founder and CEO of Peachy Pure. I started Peachy Pure because I wanted to help women love their peach. I use to suffer from chronic BV and was diagnosed with my first BV infection when I was about 18. I went to the physician and they gave me these horrible pills that tasted like death literally. I used the medication and went on about my business. After that I would get BV every so often and I would continue the routine of the antibiotics up until recently I had enough.

I had a hiatus where I didn't get BV and I thought it was gone for good and then BOOM it was back. I was so depressed and stressed about it. I couldn't have sex without getting BV and I would get it every time my period ended. It drove me crazy and at this point I believed the bacteria had become resistant to the antibiotics. I started to do my research and came across boric acid. Apparently women had been using it for centuries to treat BV and yeast and I was desperate to try something that would help me. So I got some boric acid capsules and used them when I had an active BV infection. It literally worked like a charm. I seen an improvement in just 1 day. I was hooked! My vagina had never felt so fresh and rejuvenated. I felt an overall improvement in my vagina. It seemed to be tighter, had more natural moisture, and was odorless.

I started to love my peach! After doing research I seen that so many other women suffer from chronic BV and yeast and not many knew about boric acid. I felt it was my mission to help other women to start loving their peach and not suffer anymore and this is how Peachy Pure came about.  My boric acid suppositories will help you when you're feeling a little off down there because every woman deserves to have a healthy peach.  As time went on we added even more amazing products such as Peachy Skin and Peachy Smooth which can help improve the appearance of your peach. Join me and help to spread the word to other women because vaginal health matters.




Peachy Pure